AI in Education

How AI Can Power the Education Sector

How AI Can Power the Education Sector

One of the things that are certain is that education should be one of the highest priorities of every society. Exactly through education, it is possible to prepare individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills that produce greater innovation, greater productivity and newer technology – all the things that are necessary to overcome challenges and discover new horizons.

However, just as innovation depends on education, it is also the other way around, since education depends equally on innovation. Innovation improves and enriches teaching for both students and teachers and makes the process more enjoyable and effective.

One such innovation in the education sector has been Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is a branch of science concerned with building intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that would normally require human intelligence.

And while AI is applied in almost every industry, like energy or retail, how exactly does it benefit the education sector?

Personalized learning 

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For many years, all students in a classroom were taught the same program in the same way. This was because it was impossible to provide each individual with a personalized learning experience due to a lack of resources.

However, with advances in technology, personalized learning has enhanced the educational process with a personalized approach to the strengths, needs, abilities, and interests of each student.

Artificial intelligence algorithms with the help of data related to the knowledge, skills and performance of students, create learning paths that are tailored to the needs of learners.  These paths are constantly changing based on student performance.

Handling administrative tasks

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Educational institutions have to deal with an enormous amount of administrative procedures related to admission applications, study records, certificates, etc.

It is often the case that educational institutions do not have sufficient staff or resources to carry out such lengthy administrative procedures. This is exactly when AI can be extremely useful for schools and universities.

With the help of AI-powered systems, educational institutions can automate and streamline the admissions process, reducing manual work on staff and eliminating human errors.

Intelligent systems can analyze applicants’ data and decide if they meet certain admission criteria, as well as calculate the probability of student success based on predictive analytics, before passing it for confirmation to human agents, this helps employees to focus on more meaningful tasks and create a better experience. 

Managing inquiries with chatbots

Universities receive many repetitive inquiries that take up a lot of staff time. However, educational institutions are tackling this problem by taking advantage of AI-powered chatbots. AI chatbots use machine learning algorithms to understand words, have a natural conversation, and respond to queries. Such smart systems learn based on data and improve with time. 

In this way, universities can automate and provide 24/7 support to students and interested individuals. The student recruitment team benefits from chatbots as they streamline the admissions process. However, chatbots are not only beneficial for potential students, but also those who are already enrolled. Many are interested in their curriculum, class changes, academic calendar, etc.


It is important that universities and schools constantly innovate and adapt to recent trends in order to be successful. With increased competition in the education sector, innovative approaches such as artificial intelligence are one of the main factors that define success.

Personalization and constant support are something all students look forward to. Striving to tailor service to the specific needs of students shows that the university cares about students and is willing to go the extra mile.

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