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Enhancing Human Resources With Artificial Intelligence

Enhancing Human Resources With Artificial Intelligence

The HR department is responsible for developing, reinforcing and optimizing the culture of an organization. Some of the human resource specialist’s tasks include hiring, onboarding, and training employees. All of these are essential to business success. 

However, HR tasks became even more challenging due to the limited availability of professional staff, the recent pandemic, and other changes in the economic, political, or social climate. All of this created a need for a tool that would assist HR professionals and augment their capabilities.

For that same reason, companies began integrating artificial intelligence solutions into their HR processes to further improve operations. In fact, Gartner research showed that by 2022, 30% of companies are planning to use AI-based solutions in their human resources.

Listed below are the reasons why companies implement artificial intelligence to improve their HR operations.

Connecting the right candidates with the right companies

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Hiring the right candidates has long been a goal of every company. Therefore the hiring process and techniques have been changing and evolving to ensure that the hired employee is the right person for the team.

Today, companies understand that for a team to be successful, not only the technical skills of the staff but also their cultural fit and soft skills are equally important. Full evaluation of all these details can take months.

For this exact reason, employers use the power of AI that can analyze millions of data points in seconds. With the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), artificial intelligence systems can compare candidates’ CVs with each open position, check if the two are relevant and if the skills/experiences and personal traits of the candidates match the job requirements.

In addition, AI looks at the location of the applicant, desired salary, and other details that would be important to the selection process. With all this information, AI will narrow down the potential candidate list and send only the best matches to the HR department. This speeds up the process considerably and results in higher quality work

Improved onboarding 

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Companies use a variety of onboarding techniques to ensure that new hires feel valued, understand their role, and company culture. Effective onboarding techniques motivate employees, increase their productivity, and improve their commitment to the company.

One of the ways to speed up the onboarding process is with the help of chatbots. New hires can ask AI-powered chatbots any questions they may have and chatbots, with the help of NLP, will break down the question and compare it to the data in their knowledge base or to the previous answers that made employees in similar situations satisfied and happy. 

In this way, employees can get answers to any basic questions about office protocols, connection to office Wi-Fi, security and privacy, etc. Chatbots facilitate onboarding by better navigating the process and providing 24/7 access to any required information.

Artificial intelligence systems also help new hires with networking by analyzing data related to employee interests, professional experiences, physical location, etc., and based on this data, they connect with like-minded colleagues. The same systems can also understand which connection would help new hires be more productive and introduce them to each other.

Staff development 

Professional development is very important to employees, and while hands-on experience is one way to do it, online courses, conferences, and other sources of learning are just as significant.

However, each employee has their own preferences and learning requirements. Artificial intelligence systems can provide a personalized development program for an employee taking into account their knowledge, skills and job position.

This approach automates the entire process, improves engagement, and saves time for employees as they learn faster and more efficiently.

Helping with the paperwork

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HR professionals have to deal with a large number of paperwork (resumes, background checks, company policies, job descriptions, legal documents, etc.). This repetitive and monotonous task places a great burden on HR specialists and can pose a risk to their physical and mental health.

AI addresses this problem with solutions based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) that use intelligent algorithms to analyze the information within physical documents, making it possible to understand the data contained in these documents and digitize them in seconds.

This takes the burden off HR professionals as they can quickly find and extract the specific information they are looking for in this large number of documents, classify text, and much more.


Artificial intelligence offers numerous benefits to human resources. Thanks to these solutions, HR professionals can focus on more meaningful goals, such as building closer relationships between employees and companies, while repetitive tasks can be automated and controlled using AI solutions, resulting in:

  • Saved cost
  • Improved efficiency
  • Human error reduction
  • Faster decisions

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